we serve dinner every thurs, fri & sat from

5:00 until 9:00



CORNBREAD with honey butter $4

HOT FLATBREAD with hummus and toasted pine nuts,

zaatar spice $6

MEDITERRANEAN PLATE hot rosemary flatbread, local

fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, pesto, mushrooms,

RI prosciutto and arugula $15

MEZZE PLATE hot flatbread, Narragansett feta, hummus,

roasted red peppers, olives and minted cucumber salad $14

MUSHROOMS ON TOAST mushrooms baked with Arruda's

dairy cream, thyme, garlic and sherry on grilled housemade

white bread $8


{ add a Baffoni's Farm grilled chicken breast for $4 }

KALE SALAD apples, golden raisins, red onion, celery,

toasted coconut, olive oil and lemon sm: $5 lg: $10

BEEHIVE MIXED SALAD greens, chickpeas, minted cucumber,

toasted sunflower seeds, grated cheddar, and cherry tomatoes

with house balsamic dressing sm: $5 lg: $10

LENTIL SALAD Moroccan spices, carrot, onion, roasted red

pepper, cherry tomato, Narragansett Creamery feta, mint, basil,

baby spinach, red wine vinegar and olive oil sm: $5 lg: $10

COBB SALAD crisp lettuce, corn, cherry tomato, hard boiled

egg, blue cheese dressing and smoked chicken $13

DRESSED GREENS mixed greens with our house balsamic

vinaigrette and cherry tomatoes sm: $3 lg: $6

BUILD YOUR OWN { add any of the items listed

below to customize your dish }

PIZZA starts with house tomato-basil sauce, mozzarella,

and pecorino romano $9

BAKED MAC & CHEESE starts with penne, ricotta, romano,

cheddar and Arruda's cream $10

$.50 each : caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms, marinated

peppers, sliced tomato, spinach, red onion, roasted garlic, pesto,

fresh garlic, olives, arugula, butternut squash

$1.00 each : Vermont cheddar, Narragansett feta, Narragansett

mozzarella, Narragansett ricotta

$1.50 each : RI proscuitto, housemade sausage, smoked bacon,

smoked ham, house smoked salmon


{ sandwiches come with dressed greens, fried

chickpeas or roasted potatoes. all breads are

housemade. substitute gluten free flax bread +$2 }

GRILLED CHEESE white bread, VT cheddar $6

add tomato, chutney, pesto or caramelized onions

for $1 each

add bacon, ham or avocado for $2 each

BEEHIVE BLT flaxseed bread toasted with

smoked bacon, dressed greens, tomato and

homemade mayonnaise $9

SMOKED SALMON BLT house cured salmon,

smoked bacon, red onion, arugula and boursin

on toasted flaxseed bread $12

BLACK BEAN BURGER with VT cheddar, pico de

gallo, avocado and arugula on a potato bun $10


butternut squash, caramelized onions and baby

spinach with Vermont cheddar, tomato and pesto

on grilled flaxseed bread $10

HOUSE BURGER Aquidneck Farm's grass fed

beef, smoked bacon, VT cheddar, tomato and

Allen's Farm pea greens on a potato bun $14

CHICKEN SANDWICH Baffoni's farm chicken

breast, housemade fruit chutney, bacon,

Vermont cheddar and baby spinach on a

potato bun $13

REUBEN ON RYE house corned beef and

sauerkraut, Vermont cheddar and 1000 island

dressing on rye $13

PROSCIUTTO SANDWICH Daniele prosciutto,

Vermont cheddar, fresh mozzarella, pesto, tomato

and arugula on house potato bun $13


chicken breast, mashed butternut squash, Atwell's

gold cheese, pesto and toasted pinenuts $15

CHICKEN POT PIE Baffoni's chicken breast,

onions, carrots, celery, sweet peas, thyme and

Arruda's Dairy cream baked in house pastry with

choice of side $13

VEGETABLE POT PIE onions, carrots, celery,

mushrooms, broccoli, sweet peas, corn, thyme,

sherry, and Arruda's Dairy cream baked in house

pastry with choice of side $10

BAKED EGGPLANT roasted eggplant and fresh

local mozzarella baked in our house tomato sauce

with garlic bread $13

MEATLOAF with baked potato, gravy and

roasted veggies of the day $15

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