We started as a coffee shop with hand made pastries. What we discovered in Bristol was a discerning crowd of people who requested, indeed demanded, that we expand into savory products, then full breakfasts, then lunches and inevitably beer, wine and dinner! Owner Jen Cavallaro is a baker by inclination and this has influenced the entire menu. The Beehive hires innovative cooks and the menu reflects a collaborative effort which has been influenced by every one of them over the last 7 years.

We now have a general manager at the cafÈ, Ryan Miller, who hails from southern California and has worked in Seattle and even Alabama. He brings such infectious passion for food to his work that he inspires the younger staff and energizes the whole kitchen. He has very quickly forged relationships with local farmers ensuring that we are sourcing ingredients of the utmost freshness wherever possible. He now has farmers planting specifically for us.

Our chief cook is Mark Estes. He provides the cerebral ice to Ryanís fire, he is unflappable, highly detail-oriented and dedicated to proper technique. He has embraced the Beehive aesthetic of simple, unpretentious food and is expanding our lexicon bit by bit.

It goes without saying that we are a farm-to-table enterprise. The phrase has become a cliche nowadays but we really do enjoy sourcing from local farms. Cooking seasonally with fresh ingredients is simply more fun, thatís why we do it.

If we had to describe our food it would be like this: "Food that busy people wish they had the time to cook at home, but cannot. Comforting, recognizable and made in small batches."

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